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The hostel is located close to the beach and offers a lot of fun stuff to do. Become a part of the RED Family. Are you REDy?

The Beach

The beautiful beach of Tel Aviv is just a few walking minutes away. Enjoy a nice walk in the morning, working out in one of the open-air gyms or just relax in the sand.

The Hostel

The kitchen and the living room are the most important areas at the RED.

We like to hang out together and get to know each other. Indulge in deep conversation and be prepared to be part of the RED Family, as soon as you enter the hostel.

We can’t wait to get to knwo you. Are you REDy?


There is plenty of stuff to do in Tel Aviv. It’s pretty easy too to walk around the city and enjoy streetlife.

You have a lot of opprotunities of activities like surfing, taking a bike ride, swimming, volleyball, etc. etc. … or just hang out on the different squares around the city, get a nice dish and see what happens.

Nightlife is great in Tel Aviv and easy to find around the hostel. Have fun.